About the Journal

The Journal of International Security Affairs is the flagship publication of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). JINSA is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization based in Washington, D.C. It is dedicated to explaining the need for a prudent national security policy for the United States, addressing the security requirements of both the United States and the State of Israel, and strengthening the strategic cooperation relationship between these two great democracies.

As of February, 2016 all of the content of The Journal is free of charge. We hope you enjoy reading! To get alerts for new articles, please subscribe to JINSA emails at www.jinsa.org.

The Journal's Editor is Ilan Berman. Mr. Berman is Vice President at the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, D.C., and an expert on regional security in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Russian Federation. A frequent contributor to leading newspapers and scholarly journals, he is a member of the reconstituted Committee on the Present Danger. Mr. Berman can be reached info@jinsa.org.