Table of Contents
Fall 2006 - Number 11
From the Publisher

Tom Neumann

Editor’s Corner

Ilan Berman

21st Century Allies…

Israel: An Enduring Union

Efraim Inbar

Why Israel remains a vital American ally

Japan: Coming of Age

Peter Brookes

The benefits of Tokyo’s changing threat perceptions

India: Toward True Partnership

Anupam Srivastava

The logic behind Indo-American rapprochement

Eurasia: Crisis and Opportunity

Svante E. Cornell

American strategy adrift in the “Post-Soviet Space”

Europe: Rethinking the Transatlantic Divide

Olivier Guitta

Don’t believe the hype. Cooperation with Europe is alive and well.

Australia: An Ally Down Under

Joshua Eisenman

Canberra’s strategic calculus, and Washington’s place in it

Canada: Partnership in Flux

Rob Huebert

New realities confront the North American defense alliance

South Korea: Slouching Toward Submission

Chuck Downs

Seoul searches for an accommodation with Pyongyang, at Washington’s expense

… and Adversaries

Iran: Confronting the Threat

R. James Woolsey et al.

Results of a JINSA Roundtable

Syria: Buying Time

Robert G. Rabil

Bashar al-Assad plays the waiting game

Russia/China: Mechanics of an Anti-American Alliance

Alexandr Nemets

Moscow and Beijing’s partnership has a concrete purpose

Venezuela: Anatomy of a Dictator

Luis Fleischman

The next threat for Latin America

Future Terrorism: Mutant Jihads

Walid Phares

Where, and how, the next battles in the War on Terror will be fought


A Dose of Realism on Russia

Nikolas K. Gvosdev

When it comes to Russia, idealism is no substitute for real engagement


MEXICO: Calderón’s Challenge

Fredo Arias-King

SLOVENIA: Tackling the Next Pandemic

I. Podbregar & T. Ivanusa

GEORGIA: Back on its Feet

Irakli Mchedlishvili

Book Reviews

Past as Prologue

Aaron Mannes

Joshua London explores the first American Middle East crisis

The Palestinians’ Best Battalion

Eric Rozenman

Stephanie Gutmann probes the media front in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Striking a Balance

Thomas Karako

John Yoo’s ambitious vision of a new constitutional order

Debunking the Hamas Myth

Glen Feder

Matthew Levitt calls a spade a spade